Reading is a political act

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Welcome to the home base of Colorado #ResistanceReads, a resource to find great books with current political themes written by Colorado authors.

Most readers can tell you at least a few stories about the ways specific books have changed their lives or their outlook. Colorado #ResistanceReads is a list of books by Colorado authors that engage with themes relevant to today’s tumultuous political climate, including climate change, the free press, LGBTQ+ rights, #metoo, the refugee crisis, authoritarianism and more. Rather than presenting any one point of view or political persuasion, these books encourage thought and conversation about current events through the medium of story.

The Colorado #ResistanceReads list was also an active fundraiser. Every participating author donated 50 percent of the profits from the sale of their book from Black Friday (11/23) through Colorado Gives Day (12/4) to a charity of the author’s choice.

The effort was a resounding success!

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Between Black Friday and Colorado Gives Day, we were able to raise more than $800 for very valuable charities, including:

  • $230 for the ACLU
  • $50 for the Continental Divide Trails Coalition
  • $100 for Extended Hands for Hope
  • $150 for the Transgender Law Center
  • $170 for the CHARG Resource Center
  • $7 for ACCESS Housing
  • $125 for the International Rescue Committee Denver
  • $20 for RAINN

Whether you bought a book, made a donation or signal boosted our efforts, you were an important part of this fundraising-via-reading project, too, and we appreciate every one of you. Hang around to see the big things we already have planned for next year by keeping tabs on this site or following us wherever you’re on social media: