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profile picture 7-3-18-cropBrian D. Howard is a Denver, Colorado author specializing in superhero and LitRPG novels. When he’s not at his day job, or writing, he spends time as an activist and educator on issues of mental health, homelessness awareness, healthy sexuality/relationships, and LGBTQIA rights.

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Howard will be donating 50% of profits from Rectifier – The Electric Man from 11/23-12/4 to ACCESS Housing. If you’re not buying a book, you can still donate to Howard’s Colorado Gives Day campaign page, no purchase required. 

Why Howard is participating in Colorado #ResistanceReads:

What do you believe is a writer’s place in the political landscape?
I believe writers, especially speculative fiction writers, have an opportunity to show people how the world can be, or how it really is. That opportunity comes with an obligation to do so. How many of the things we have or do were once the realm of science fiction? We have the chance to lead by example, and I applaud any who chose to.

Why do you think people should pick up these “resistance reads”?
I love the idea of promoting books that encourage people to think, to see a perspective outside their normal experience. Ideas can change minds, and minds can change the world. We aren’t going to change or grow as a society without considering new ideas, so getting people to see or experience new things is something I can heartily get behind.

Why did you choose ACCESS Housing?
ACCESS Housing, Inc. works to help families stay or become self-sufficient. Their “primary goal is to prevent homelessness and ensure that the homeless families we serve do not experience homelessness again.” I’ve spent time without a home, struggling to get by each day and never knowing where my next meal would come from. Nobody should have to live that way, and I’ve always promoted helping the homeless, something Denver and our society as a whole could do a much better job of.

Discussion questions for Rectifier – The Electric Man

Rectifier Ebook Cover Final

Life on the streets, homeless, is hard enough. Oliver Stuart’s life had fallen apart, and he just wanted to be left alone, surviving day by day. Until he was kidnapped by a secret lab, operated on, and dumped in a mass grave, left for dead as a failed experiment. Except it didn’t fail. Now he can control electricity, and the people around him want him to be the hero he never thought he could be.

The lab is still capturing the homeless — most people don’t notice, let alone miss the victims — for their often-fatal experiments. Now Oliver can’t stand back while the clock ticks down before they end up dead — or worse. Rectifier – The Electric Man is the second book in the After the Crash superhero series, but is a complete standalone story.

  1. Oliver and Maria both start off homeless, both end up experimented on, but take different paths. What societal factors might have led them to make such different decisions?
  2. Oliver and Maria have both fallen on hard times, ending up homeless, yet even before their abductions and gaining powers they’ve chosen different paths. Maria has been working her way back up, while Oliver has fallen into depression and despair. How does Oliver’s mental health reflect our society’s approach to wellness?
  3. Police displace the homeless as neighborhoods take a “not in my back yard” approach. With too many people homeless at home and refugees seeking help in other countries, what obligations do we have as a society for helping out those with nowhere to go?

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